Nails Instead of Screws Used More Than 100 Years Ago Could Be the Culprit In Ceiling Collapse At Lockport Central HS

More than 900 students at Lockport Township Central High School are in e-learning today and could be for several more days until a plan is figured out of where to put them. All this due to a 3rd floor ceiling collapse at Central overnight into Thursday morning. No students or staff were present and no one was injured. Students were sent home on Thursday.

Lockport Township High School Superintendent Robert McBride says the classroom held a math class and did not have any renovation to the room recently. McBride believes nails used in 1909 and 1928 instead of screws may be the culprit. The plaster was affixed to the wood frame using nails instead of screws and overtime fell away.

The school district is working with engineers for a full assessment of the building and could take 3 or 4 more days. The building was built in phases beginning in 1909 with additions added until the 1950’s. Students might be brought to East Campus for in person learning next week.

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