New Lenox Mustangs/Bullstangs National Champs

The Bullstangs (players named us) are a combination of 10 Crete Bulldogs players & 28 New Lenox Mustangs players. It was amazing to see these 2 outstanding SWMFL organizations, families and players come together for an unforgettable experience traveling to Gatlinburg, TN to compete in a National tournament. The Mustangs have been traveling since 1987. Bullstangs started after COVID 3 years ago.

The Bullstangs defeated 3 teams in 3 days from 3 different states!

Defeated Carolina Savages from Mooresville, NC 30-0

Defeated Crescent City All Stars from New Orleans 20-13

Defeated Huntington Canes from Maryland 30-21 FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP.