New Lenox Police  Obtain Warrants for Three Men in reference to  Vehicular Hijacking

On Friday, June 17th, 2022, the New Lenox Police Department obtained arrest warrants for Elijah Castle of Chicago Heights, Devante Davis of Chicago, and Narquis Thomas of Chicago, in relation to an Armed Carjacking that occurred on March 10th 2022.

On March 10th, the New Lenox Police Department responded to an Aggravated Vehicular Hijacking that occurred in a New Lenox Neighborhood near I-80. The victim was removing two small children from their GMC Denali in the driveway of a home day care, when 6 male individuals approached them. One of the offenders pointed a gun at the victim and demanded the keys to the Denali. The victim managed to get the children out of the SUV as another vehicle with two small children inside, was pulling into the driveway. One of the 6 offenders, a second gunman, turned his attention to this car and attempted to carjack that vehicle as well. The driver of this car, a second victim, backed out of the driveway and managed to successfully escape from the area. All six of the offenders then entered the first victim’s GMC Denali and fled the scene.

Approximately twenty minutes later, the stolen Denali was abandoned in a church parking lot in Markham, Illinois. All six offenders were observed exiting the SUV on video. The Denali was recovered and processed for evidence.

It was learned that these same offenders had stolen several high-end cars from multiple dealerships the night before. Prior to the carjacking in New Lenox, these same offenders were driving these stolen cars eastbound on I-80 when Grundy County Sheriffs attempted to stop them using spike strips. All of the vehicles except for one were disabled and the drivers all fled from the stolen cars on foot. All of the offenders then got into the one remaining operable stolen car, a BMW. The BMW then continued eastbound on I-80, until it lost one of its wheels. The BMW was then abandoned in a ditch along I-80, and the offenders ran into a New Lenox neighborhood where they
committed the carjacking.

Elijah Castle is currently in the custody of the Illinois Department of Corrections on unrelated charges. Narquis Thomas is in the custody of the Cook County Department of Corrections, also on unrelated
charges. Devante Davis has yet to be arrested for this incident. One of the 6 offenders that committed the carjacking is a juvenile. This juvenile has been identified and charges are pending from the Will County Juvenile State’s Attorneys. The New Lenox Police Department is continuing to work on the identification of the remaining two offenders.

Based on all the evidence obtained, and from information gathered from other police departments, it was learned that these individuals are responsible for multiple car dealership burglaries in Schaumburg Illinois, Springfield Illinois, Lincoln Illinois, Bloomington Illinois, Peoria Illinois and Manchester Missouri. These offenders have stolen several hundreds of thousands of dollars in high-end vehicles from these dealerships. Additional charges against them may be coming from those agencies as well. Bond for the warrants obtained on these three offenders was set at $750,000.00 each.

New Lenox Police press release