New Lenox Police Praise Alert Juvenile For Observing A Juvenile With What Appeared To Be BB Gun In Waistband

New Lenox police respond to an incident at their Movie Night in the Commons event last week. In their Facebook post, they received one complaint from a juvenile who reported that another juvenile was walking around with what was believed to be a BB gun in his waistband. A description of the offender was provided. At no point in time were any threats made to anyone. There were several hundred people in attendance, so additional officers were requested to the Commons to provide additional security and to assist in locating the juvenile.

The male juvenile offender was located and questioned. He advised that he had an air soft gun with him but indicated that he had thrown it into some bushes. The air soft gun was eventually located.

The juvenile’s mother arrived on scene and they both cooperated with the investigation. The juvenile experienced a minor medical issue while speaking with his mother and the officers. An ambulance was requested and the issue was resolved on scene. The juvenile was cited.

In light of recent events, New Lenox Police Investigators continued the investigation. Research of prior contacts with the juvenile and a search of social media activity have not raised any other causes for concern at this time. This appears to be an isolated incident.

New Lenox Police would like to thank the juvenile that brought this to our attention. Without their seeing something and saying something police would not have been aware of a potential problem.