New Word “Spendemic” — Are You Doing It?

Looking for an escape from the coronavirus crisis? Just look to the heavens.

The Lyrid meteor shower – the first of the Spring – began Sunday night.

It will peak Wednesday night with about ten visible each hour.

Late evening and early morning will be the best times to watch and a waning moon will help make them even more visible than last year, CNN reports.

According to a new report, many people have had coronavirus and didn’t have any symptoms.

As a matter of fact, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that 25 percent of people infected with coronavirus had no symptoms at all. Dr. Michael Mina of the Harvard School of Public Health, on the other hand, says the numbers can’t be trusted and thinks the information is flawed and inadequate.

Many tests are being done to find a vaccine for coronavirus including antibody testing.

Right now there have been 2.3 million infections around the world and 160,000 people have died.

While millions of people file for unemployment or struggle to make ends meet during the pandemic, others are splurging on high-priced luxury goods.

Calling it the “spendemic“, the New York Post talked to people who have spent the quarantine shopping for furniture, clothing, and high-priced artisanal foods.

Some experts say shopping helps give people a “sense of control” in panicked times.  Overall online purchases were up 13 percent in the first week of April.