Students in Valley View School District 365U may not be in class due to COVID but that’s not stopped the virus from infecting students and staff. The last two weeks, 21 students have reported getting COVID-19 while currently there are 24 staff members with coronavirus. VVSD is asking parents to volunteer the information to better inform the district so they can make decisions regarding their phased-in approach to in-classroom learning. The second benefit to self reporting by parents is to connect families to support services according to Director of Community Relations Jim Blaney.

VVSD has over 15,500 students with over 2,500 staff members. To date there have been 62 staff members contracting the virus and 32 students representing less than one percent of total staff and 0.14% of current student enrollment.

Meanwhile, last week the district implemented a two-week pause for bringing elementary school students back in the Bridge Transition on November 9th. But multi-needs students have been back in school for two weeks and will remain that way for now.