NorthPoint Finds Finds A Way Into Joliet
This is the 2020 proposed Compass Business Park as an overlay on top of satellite imagery of the actual location. The borders of Compass are in red. It covers approximately 2900+ acres (~4.5 square miles) and is approximately 3.5 miles wide by 5 miles long. It is also more than 6 miles from any major expressway. (Image Credit to John Kieken,

NorthPoint has found a way into Joliet. On Friday, the logistics company filed paperwork with the city of Joliet to have property they own annexed into the city. NorthPoint has purchased property north of Manhattan Road that would create passage for their Compass Business Park which is south of Manhattan Road between the Villages of Elwood and Manhattan.

This move would likely lead them to abandon building the bridge over route 53 at Walter Strawn Drive. That plan is tied up with the ICC and Governor Pritkzer.

It’s not clear where the bridge over Route 53 will go and whether or not Centerpoint will allow access into its business park for the use of the Houbolt bridge to I-80.