NorthPoint is still buying up land in Will County and will be closing on another piece of property in the next few weeks according to Manhattan Mayor Jamie Doyle. Currently NorthPoint owns 700 acres in Manhattan and owns 200 acres in Elwood. Residents attended last night’s regular council meeting in Manhattan and were upset that elected officials met with NorthPoint.

Village of Manhattan regular council meeting/May 2019/Erin Gallagher

NorthPoint which was rejected by Elwood is still interested in building their Compass Business Park in Manhattan. Mayor Doyle tells the Scott Slocum Show that NorthPoint requested a meeting with Manhattan officials and Mayor Doyle took the meeting because he says “he needs to know what their plans are” and how it would affect Manhattan residents in the future.

Mayor Doyle says there is no plan to “vote on” at this time to build a huge logistics facility. Increased truck traffic, reduced property values, pollution and noise of just some of the resident’s concerns.

Mayor Doyle also informed the Mayors of Joliet and Elwood regarding the meeting. The boundary agreement between Joliet and Manhattan ends in December of this year. The boundary agreement between Joliet and Elwood ends in 2026. Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk tells Mayor Doyle he intends to honor the boundary agreements.

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They were rejected by the Village of Elwood, and now they’re trying their luck with the Will County Board. NorthPoint Development has filed a zoning application with the Will County board to develop a 670-acre parcel of land into a logistics facility.

Katie Hunt from the “Say No to Northpoint” group is disgusted that Northpoint is now wanting the Will County Board to consider their proposal for a logistics facility.

The Compass Business Park is to be developed along Route 53 on unincorporated county land between the city of Joliet, village of Manhattan and the village of Elwood. Hunt doesn’t understand why Will County Board member Debbie Militello from Channahon wants to consider the proposal.

Militello tells WJOL that she quote, “understands this is an important issue for my constituents but there is a process NorthPoint will have to follow and nothing is going to happen until that process is done.”

In order to pass zoning ordinances the proposal needs a super majority on the Will County board for this project to go forward. That means 20 of the 26 Will County Board members must vote yes.

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