NorthPoint’s Annexation Vote Passes With Outgoing Joliet Mayor’s Help

Outgoing Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk cast the deciding vote on the annexation of the 55 acres west of Manhattan Road for NorthPoint’s Intermodal Hub. The annexation gives NorthPoint nearly 1,000 acres of uninterrupted land to build warehouses. There were no public hearings on the matter. The planning commission will now have to vote on rezoning.

Tuesday’s night vote at the Joliet City Council meeting could be challenged in court.

According to the group, ‘Just Say No To NorthPoint’, they say annexation must have a public hearing and there were no public hearings before Tuesday’s vote.

Here’s how the 5-4 vote broke down: Voting yes, Larry Hug, Jan Quillman, Terry Morris and Joe Clement. Voting no, Sherri Reardon, Cesar Guerrero, Bettye Gavin, Pat Mudron.