Old Will County Courthouse Saved From Wrecking Ball For Now

Saved from demolition for now. A group has breathed a little life into saving the Old Will County Courthouse which was set for demolition. A special session of the Will County Board met on Thursday with a group trying to save the old courthouse from demolition. The board voted 10-9 to look at alternatives for the Brutalist style building. This type of architecture emerged in the 1950’s.

On WJOL this year, Quinn Adamowski who is the Regional Advocacy Manager for Landmarks Illinois told WJOL that it will cost double what the board is saying to demolish the courthouse. The board is suggesting that the cost would be $2.5 million but Adamowksi believes the cost is more than double that. In his role at Landmarks Illinois, he advocates to reuse historic resources and to work with the community.

Adamowski had asked for a Request For Proposals by developers. Two firms are already interested. The group to save the Courthouse met yesterday with the Board and they voted 10-9 to look at alternatives before demolishing the courthouse.

Ideas include mixed use, such a retail, a boutique hotel and restaurants.