Oops! And Drinking Was Not Involved At Joliet Park District Golf Course Mishap

Creek at the 18th hole at Woodruff Golf Course

Tough day on the golf course for one player at Woodruff Golf Course in Joliet last Saturday. Woodruff general manager Kirk Blakney tells WJOL that the golfer suffered only minor injuries but his ego was likely more bruised, not to mention his wallet. Crossing the bridge over the creek on the 18th hole, the golfer lost control of the cart and it flipped over. Blakney says the golfer was not drinking alcohol and walked back to the clubhouse to confess the mishap. The cart was pulled out of the creek on Monday. Blakney says it looks worse than it is and will be able to be fixed.  The cost of the repairs will fall on the golfer.



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