Outgoing Joliet Mayor Thinks City Manager Has Brought Stability to Joliet

Now that Joliet elected a new Mayor, it’s unclear if Joliet City Manager will continue in his role. Outgoing mayor Bob O’Dekirk tells WJOL that he doesn’t want the city council to pull another Marty Shanahan fiasco and believes that Jim Capparelli has brought stability to Joliet. Mayor Elect Terry D’Arcy has said the decision will be made as a team with the Joliet city Council. Capparelli took over as City manager in January of 2021 and his contract ends this June.

Joliet Mayor Elect-Terry D’Arcy/md

Since Mayor O’Dekirk took office in 2016 it’s been a revolving door of City Managers. David Hales had the job for less than a year and left in October of 2018. Joliet City Counsel Marty Shanahan assumed the role of City Manager, but was ousted by the City Council in June of 2019. Interim City Manager Steve Jones remained in the position despite retiring and getting double salary to remain in this position until January of 2021.