Plainfield Lions Program Reaches Record 181 Families

The Plainfield Lions Club, in one of its many community outreach programs, spent the holidays giving out goodies to families in need as part of its annual Christmas “Basket” program. The Plainfield Lions Club is now in its 74th year of serving the local community.

Over the years, actual baskets of food have given way to gift certificates from Jewel Foods, but the club still prides itself on providing holiday feasts for area families in need. This year the Plainfield Lions assisted a record 181 families and 947 people in the Plainfield area with $38,675 in Jewel gift cards!

“I’m incredibly proud of the Plainfield Lions Club and grateful for the extraordinary generosity of our very own members and the 28 community donors who sent donations”, said event chairman, Larry Wiers. Wiers has chaired the Christmas “Basket” program for the past 25 years. In those 25 years, the Plainfield Lions Club has touched over 15,000 people with $411,400 in food gift certificates! “The Plainfield Lions Club is committed to helping those most in need in the Plainfield area, especially during these difficult times”, said Wiers.

Wiers said the organization typically conducts fund-raisers throughout the year to fuel the Christmas “Basket” program as well as other outreach efforts such as providing glasses and eye care and hearing aids to those in need.

A crew of 60 Lion members and friends delivered the gift certificates on Saturday, December 16, 2023 providing those 181 families with holiday feasts. “We know we have touched them in a very real way and hopefully lightened their burden during this holiday season”, said Wiers.