Plainfield Man Arrested After Fighting Security at Joliet Grocery Store

A 24-year-old Plainfield man has been arrested after allegedly attempting to shoplift from a Joliet grocery store. Owen Thompson has been given a Notice to Appear for Retail Theft, Battery (2 Counts) and Assault (2 Counts).

On Monday morning at 8:31 a.m., Joliet Police were called to the Jewel Osco on Jefferson Street. Shortly after arriving officers learned that Thompson was already detained by security.

Thompson was observed by security placing merchandise in a backpack and then attempting to leave the store without paying. When security attempted to escort Thompson to an office he allegedly pushed two security officers and tried to run out of the store.

The security officers caught up to Thompson in the store at which time he attempted punching both security officers but missed. Thompson was then detained by security, and Police placed him into custody without incident.