Plainfield School District 202, Support Staff Union Ink New 3-Year Deal

The new deal between District 202 and members of the Plainfield Association of Support Staff (PASS) brings member salaries in line with market value, a move that aims to address pay gaps between District 202 and benchmark districts.

The District 202 Board of Education unanimously approved the new contract with PASS at its May 29, 2024 regular meeting. PASS members voted overwhelmingly to ratify the new pact.

PASS represents about 1,100 non-certified staff including custodians; grounds, building and maintenance staff; most secretaries; bookkeepers; clerks; nurses; paraprofessionals; lunchroom supervisors; and campus monitors.

The new contract increases compensation for various PASS categories that have been paid less than market value in recent years.

Part of this three-year plan includes differentiated raises that ensure all employees have a wage that makes us competitive to help retain current and recruit future employees, Wood said.

District administration studied eighteen comparable school districts to benchmark salaries for different jobs.

The agreement includes differentiated raises tailored to individual employees, ensuring that all staff members receive a wage that is competitive in the marketplace, he said.

District 202 has demonstrated improved financial stability, with prudent budgeting and strategic decision-making. This has allowed for increased investment in employee compensation while maintaining a healthy financial position.

The Board of Education approved a significant market adjustment and investment in year one of the three-year deal, Wood said.

“This contract marks a monumental milestone for District 202. By prioritizing fair compensation and sustainable financial practices, we are strategically positioned to meet the ever-evolving needs of our students and community,” Wood said.

“I thank the PASS leadership for its dedication, hard work and good-faith negotiations,” said Board of Education President Rod Westfall. “We believe this agreement is fair to everyone and helps to move us forward as a district.”

PASS President Nicole Swanson thanked the Board of Education, district administration, the PASS negotiations team for their spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

“Other districts should take note of the great working relationship we have with each other and see that it does not have to be adversarial for each party to get what they need,” Swanson said. “This is definitely a win for both of us.”