Police Complete Investigation Into Attack of Joliet West Grad at Bar in Quincy

The Quincy Police Department has announced that they have completed their investigation into the alleged attack of a Joliet native at a bar in Quincy from earlier this month. Jazzpher Evans, a freshman at Quincy University, said that she was violently attacked at “The Barn” on night of April 4th. Family attorney Keenan J Saulter has said that “in addition to her significant physical trauma, she has and continues to suffer great emotional trauma due to this savage life threatening beating.” The Evans family has said that they believe the incident was racially motivated.

Police have stated that the criminal investigation has concluded and the case has been sent to the Adams County State’s Attorney for review of criminal charges. Detectives have asked anyone with additional information regarding the criminal investigation should not hesitate to reach out to the Quincy Police. There has been no word from the Adam’s County State’s Attorney’s Office on when or if any announcement on charges will be made.