One man was injured following an overturned container truck that crashed into an under construction Mobil gas station. It happened on the border of Crest Hill and Joliet on Friday afternoon at Route 53 and Theodore Street. It took 2 hours to extricate the driver of the semi.

About 35 businesses and homes are affected by the power outage caused by the downed lines, including BDC Supply, which is across from the crash site. Business manager Gary Vilchek watched a part of the crash unfold. He heard, “screeching of breaks, saw a flash and power lines bounce back like a rubber band.”

The driver was extricated from the cab, which was pinned to a support pole to the gas station canopy and was transported by ground to an area hospital. It was fortuitous that the gas station was not operational at the time of the crash. Police are investigating the crash to see among other things if the breaks were faulty on the truck.