WJOL is learning potentially disturbing details about an alleged hazing incident that occurred at Plainfield Central High School. An anonymous e-mail sent to WJOL radio says the incident centers around a sexual assault in a locker room between members of the football team.

It was on Friday, October 18th that Plainfield District 202 contacted the Plainfield Police Department of an incident that occurred on the afternoon of Thursday October 17th at Plainfield Central High School. All the victims and suspects in the incident are juveniles. Misdemeanor charges of Battery are pending against four juveniles. However the Plainfield Police Department claims no bodily harm occurred and determined the initial allegation of a “hazing incident” does not meet the statutory definition of Hazing as it was not part of an induction process. Will County State’s Attorney’s office is working with the Plainfield Police Department and Plainfield District 202.

In November of last year, the parents of a teen filed a federal lawsuit against coaches and school officials at Reed-Custer High School in Braidwood. They claim their son was sexually assaulted during a hazing ritual by their son’s football teammates.