Professional Drag Car Driver Helped 8th Graders At Troy Middle School

From left: Troy Middle School 8th grade Science Capstone Exploratory teacher Dr. Barbara Will-Henn, Savannah Conley, Jim Conley and Madison Conley.

Jim Conley, Professional drag car racer and father of Troy Middle School students Savannah and Madison Conley, recently helped 8th grade students in Savannah’s science class understand the concepts of the aerodynamics and engineering of carbon dioxide race cars as he joined the class for a day as Honorary Race Official.

TMS Science Capstone Exploratory teacher Dr. Barbara Will-Henn arranged the drag car driver to be the competition’s judge as a surprise for her student Savannah, who is on her father’s pit crew. Madison helped with the secret arrangements.

Each trimester, Dr. Will-Henn teaches aerodynamics and Newton’s laws to the students in the elective class, as they learn and apply their knowledge of science and engineering to design and build CO2 race cars from blocks of wood.

The class culminates in a race. Savannah won all the heats in this trimester’s race and was crowned, “Champion of 2nd Period.” Her car was designed in the style of her father’s car.



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