Providence Catholic High School recently announced the new Affordable for All Scholarship and Grant Program for current 8th graders.
“We are committed to making a Providence education Affordable for All families. This program will offer significantly more scholarship opportunities than ever before,” said Ed Barrett the school’s financial aid coordinator.  “Providence is a top ranked, regional high school that is both accessible and affordable for any family that wants the advantage of a Providence education.”
Beginning with current 8th graders, the school will offer expanded Merit Scholarships, new Legacy Scholarships, and a new Leadership Scholarship to those students who take the Placement Exam at Providence Catholic High School on Saturday, December 7, 2019.  Scholarships and grants range up to $12,000 per year.
The Academic/Merit scholarships are based on the placement exam score.  High performance will no longer be limited to students who score in the top 10 percentile. Rather it will be expanded, allowing testers a greater chance to earn merit-based scholarships. Students can receive upwards of $10,000 over four years based on their exam score.
The Legacy Scholarship is available to all students whose parent(s) or grandparent(s) graduated from Providence Catholic High School. “We have over 18,000 graduates from our school and our alumni organization is excited for the opportunity to continue our legacy for future generations,” said Shannon Withers, class of 1995 and the school’s Alumni Director.  Legacy Scholarships are valued up to $4,000 per student over four years.
The Veritas Award is available to all students and will be based on their proven leadership and service in the community, according to Vince Ambrose, Admissions Officer, “we have so many great potential leaders in our school and we wanted to acknowledge what great things they do before they arrive at PCHS and hopefully during their four years at the school.”  Recipients of the Veritas Award will be eligible for scholarships valued at up to $40,000 over four years. Recipients must apply for this award on Providence’s website. The application is currently available.
The school also offers need-based financial aid up to $24,000 over four years and the Catholic Education Foundation of the Diocese of Joliet also helps support families with grants of $4,000 over four years. In addition, the state’s Illinois Tax Credit program provides students with up to full tuition scholarships including books for those that apply and qualify. Those scholarships are valued at $13,500 per year.
As a top ranked regional, private high school, Providence Catholic attracts the best of the best from over 70 local grade schools.  Providence Catholic alumni fill the ranks of the NFL and MLB as well as those in the highest ranks of the military, and scientists on the leading edge of technology, leaders in the medical field and business leaders.   The hallways at Providence Catholic High School are filled with unique scholars. Providence Catholic students are on a spirited pursuit of excellence with the guidance of the highly qualified and dedicated faculty.
To learn more about the school’s scholarship program contact Vince Ambrose, Admissions Officer at 815-717-3288.