“Queen of Hearts” Winner to be Selected on Monday

1340 WJOL News has learned that the Morris VFW Post will select a “Queen of Hearts” winner on Monday. The game is being accelerated from its current format in which one winner selects one card per week until the queen of hearts is found. With three cards remaining up to three possible raffle tickets could be selected on Monday evening. The reason for the format change is due to safety concerns surrounding the Morris VFW. The Morris School district has had to reroute several buses as a result of the heavy traffic. The current pot is $1,596,843. The winner will walk away with 70% of that pot with 15% of the money going to the VFW post and the final 15% rolling over into the next pot when the game restarts. After a winner is selected on Monday the game will not resume until the Monday after “Corn Fest.” For your chance to win the “Queen of Hearts” head over to the post at 309 McKinley Street in Morris Illinois. Tickets are on sale from 12 PM to 9 PM through Sunday and from noon to 5:30 PM on Monday the day of the drawing. The cost is six tickets for five dollars, cash only. Any questions you can call 815–942–0605.



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