Read Full IG Report Into Firings And Finances of Joliet Area Historical Musuem

Despite an Inspector General report recommending the City of Joliet not approve a quarter of a million dollars in funding for the Joliet Area Historical Museum, the council on Tuesday night approved the funding as recommended by new City Manager Beth Beatty and her staff.

The vote was 6-3. Those voting no are City Council At-Large Jan Quillman, Joe Clement and District 1 councilman Larry Hug.

To read the entire report click below.

IG Report for JAHM

The report was the result of over a dozen employees and volunteers being fired last May. The report recommends the City of Joliet demands a full financial audit of the Joliet Area Historical Museum and the Old Joliet Prison. Hire a human resources business consultant and analyze business practices. The report characterized CEO Greg Peerbolte as uncooperative and described as a bully by several former employees. Meanwhile, Kelly Klobucher, the chief operating officer’s, former employer says she had limited financial experience and calling her two tenure at a Wisconsin non-profit as “chaotic” and the “lost years.” Her former employer is still dealing with IRS audits.

The firings were in part due to a social media post disparaging Peerbolte’s wife.

The IG report was prepared by Sean Connolly who interviewed 24 people both current and former employees.

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