Residents of Victory Senior Center Fear Partial Building Collapse

Residents of Victory Senior Center  on the west side of Joliet are concerned that the roof of the gymnasium attached to their senior living center is going to collapse on them. Rich, a spokesperson for the some of the residents says he’s reached out to the Joliet City Council. 

There is debris, mold, asbestos and falling bricks.

The City of Joliet purchased the building at Jefferson and Hickory Streets in the 80’s. It used to be the old Joliet High School. The classroom portion was bought by Pathways LLC which turned it into apartments for seniors. But the gymnasium portion is still owned by the City. Pathways and Rich have asked for inspections which have taken place but repairs have not yet occurred. A single brick wall separate the apartments from the lead paint and asbestos. About 50 residents reside at Victory Senior Center.

Following an interview on WJOL, Joliet City Council members are working to get the situation resolved.

The chief operating engineer for Joliet sent an email to Joliet City Manager on March 17th asking for $650,000 to address this issue.

Email sent by Brent Fraser Chief Operating Engineer Facilities and Assets Maintenance Manager below:

Mr. Capparelli,

Good morning.  Following your instructions Wed 3/15/23, I have secured an Engineering and Architect Firm to begin the process of analyzing the current condition of the Old Joliet Catholic Gymnasium.  I am waiting on an initial site visit from Bret Mitchell (Managing Principal) and his team from Ethos Workshop Architects, Naperville hopefully next week.  In the amended budget requests being submitted to Finance, I have included $650,000 to address this project. The sequence of events is as follows:

  • Site visit with structural engineers and architects to analyze and evaluate roof failure and related issues. 
  • Generate a written report with these findings and supply the City with an opinion for repair or, more likely, demolition.
  • Provide a cost estimate for engineering, abatement, and demolition.
  • Conduct environmental study, identify existing hazards, and develop a plan for abatement.
  • Prepare a written scope of strategic demolition, preserving the two common walls with the Victory Center.
  • Prepare a written scope of engineering the remaining walls for exterior surfaces.
  • Apply for State of Illinois Demolition Permits.
  • Develop a formal RFP through our Finance and Purchasing Department to secure sealed bids.
  • Award of contract, Council approval.
  • Begin abatement and demolition.
Falling bricks at Victory Senior Center/ss
Mold at Victory Senior Center/ss
Mold at Victory Senior Center/ss