Press Release — Rialto Square Theatre is proud to announce the donation of 860 tickets to various shows totaling over $43,000 during the 2018-2019 season to local veterans. This outreach was made possible with the help of, an organization dedicated to strengthening family bonds, build life-long memories, and encourage local service members and veterans to stay engaged with their local communities, and the generosity of every concert promoter that donated tickets.

“As the mother of a veteran, I love that we are able to support our local veterans in this simple way,” says Rialto Square Theatre Executive Director, Val Devine. “The feedback we receive after each performance is heart-warming. We look forward to continuing our relationship with VetTix for years to come.”

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The Rialto Square Theatre, currently celebrating its 92 year in operation, leads a performing arts community partnership to enrich the quality of life by encouraging artistic and cultural development.


VenuWorks provides customized management solutions for arenas, stadiums, theatres and convention centers throughout the country with services that include operations, catering, concessions, along with the booking and marketing of sports and entertainment events.

Vet Tix provides tickets to events which reduce stress, strengthen family bonds, build life-long memories and encourage service members and veterans to stay engaged with local communities and American life. We support our troops by honoring their service and providing positive family and life experiences, during and after their years of service to our country.