Slammers GM Mum On Significance of Card Game Sign

Joliet Slammers Stadium - SS

The company that markets their game as a “party game for horrible people” has put up a sign in Joliet. The signs can be seen from three areas around the Route 66 Stadium according to Slammers General Manager Heather Mills. One at the main gate, another on an outside window and a third at another location around the stadium.

The banner reads, “The Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place.” The card game, Cards Against Humanity is like an R-rated version of “Apples to Apples.” The sign was put in place Friday, December 1st. Mills would not comment on how long the signs will be there or how much money the Slammers will make for displaying the signs. But she does say the banner has generated a lot of interest. She’s received more than a dozen calls and an internet meme has generated more than 100 comments.

The Chicago-based company has poked fun at social issues. Time magazine reports the company tried to shed light on the gender pay gap, so they issued cards “for her” that were exactly the same as the original, charged an extra $5, the only difference–the cards were pink.



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