Semi Cooler Waits For COVID-19 Bodies Behind Will County Coroner’s Office

You saw it in New York and it’s now happening in Chicago and Will County; makeshift morgues. In Chicago a refrigerated warehouse will be used to house 15-hundred people who died of COVID-19 and at the Will County Coroner’s Office, a refrigerated semi has been set up in the event it is needed. Deputy Coroner Laurie Summers tells the Scott Slocum show that about 4 weeks ago it became apparent they needed to get ahead of the anticipated deaths and acquired a cooler.

The semi sits behind the Coroner’s office. The semi will serve as a barrier between employees and bodies infected with COVID-19. For deputy coroners and pathologists, when and if there is an onslaught of COVID cases, the semi will be used to keep the bodies out of their work areas.

Summers says every death will be treated respectfully and with dignity.

Semi behind Will County Coroner’s to store COVID-19 bodies/ss