The Lockport Police department is dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak. Four possibly up to 6 officers have tested positive for COVID-19. The officers were together for an event over the past weekend according to Lockport City Administrator Ben Benson.

Lockport Medical Express offers a quick 15-minute test, but some percentage of testing is unreliable and several of the officers are willing to test again to be sure of accuracy.

Almost all the officers are asymptomatic but some have had additional exposure to others and we will need to limit any exposure so they will have to quarantine for several days to make sure they don’t develop symptoms. Once they test negative, they can return to work.

CDC defines exposure after 15-minutes in close proximity without masking.

Officers that tested positive will quarantine for 10-14 days until they test negative before returning to work.

Some shift coverage changes are being made, with command staff helping out in patrol when plausible according to Benson.

They don’t hold roll call together anymore, and try to avoid any officers together at the station. All must wear masks and get their temperature taken upon arrival to work.