Shocking New Details About The Abduction And Murder Of Riley Fox On ABC’s “20/20”

Seventeen years after the murder and abduction of three-year-old Riley Fox from Wilmington, Illinois, a new two-hour “20/20,” featuring reporting by Anchor David Muir, has newly obtained recordings and documents that reveal shocking new details about the case. The two-hour program reports on how the mystery unraveled, including how authorities mistakenly zeroed in on Riley’s father, Kevin Fox, as the prime suspect, and raises questions about false confessions and mistakes that may have botched the first investigation. “20/20” has exclusive interviews with Lori Warren and Jeremy Resar, the FBI Agents who stepped in and solved the case. Warren and Resar discuss why they wanted to seek justice for Riley and the true killer’s startling confession, in which he revealed several key clues the initial investigators didn’t pursue. “20/20” also features new interviews with Melissa Fox Hodgen, Riley’s mother and Kathleen Zellner, Kevin Fox’s defense attorney and Muir’s interviews with Kevin and Melissa Fox, and Zellner, conducted over more than a decade of ABC News’ reporting on the case. The “20/20” two-hour special airs on Friday, May 7 (9:00 – 11:00 p.m. ET) on ABC.

See the trailer here.