Troy schools in the Shorewood area are on a soft lockdown. Shorewood Deputy Police Chief Eric Allen tells WJOL that his department is working with the FBI regarding a non-specific and random message on a social media platform regarding a threat in Shorewood. Again this is not a specific threat to any entity or person. Deputy Chief Allen is asking the public to respectfully allow them to do their job and get more information before releasing more information.

Police alerted schools of the threat and allowed schools to make their choice to go on a soft lockdown. The soft lockdown protocol in a school is to respond to a threat outside the school without immediate threat to the students inside the school. During a soft lockdown the building perimeter is secured with staff stationed at the doors.

Message from Shorewood police department:

“Early this morning, someone posted a vague and unspecified threat to create a mass casualty incident in Shorewood IL on an anonymous social media site.   This was reposted to Twitter where FBI surveillance software picked it up as a threat and notified the Shorewood Police Department.

Due to the lack of specific information or intentions of the poster, the Shorewood Police Department decided to act with an abundance of caution. This morning extra manpower was deployed to ensure that children were protected at every school in Shorewood and select other sites while they began their day. School personnel were engaged to ensure all established normal security measures were in place and to be extra vigilant for any suspicious behavior. The Shorewood Police have reached out to nearby law enforcement partners as well as the school district administrations to ensure the safety of everyone.

Since this threat was posted anonymously, it will take time to verify the source. The Shorewood Police are investigating this along with the FBI to determine the identity and location of the individual involved if possible and ensure they have no capability to cause harm.

In the meantime, while we work to provide security and locate the individual involved, we encourage anyone who has any information to please call 815-725-1460.”

Superintendent Todd Koehl sent out a message to parents this morning at 8:36. “Last night, the Shorewood Police Department received a general threat of violence in Shorewood. All of our schools are currently on alert. We will be monitoring all people coming to our building. If you need to come to the building today to volunteer or pick up your students, please be prepared to identify yourself. We will be holding indoor recess at the elementary schools. Both Shorewood and Joliet police departments are aware of the threat.

At this time, we do not have any additional information. As we get additional information, I will keep you updated.”