Shuttered Joliet Splash Station Up For Sale

After six years of being closed, Splash Station in Joliet is up for sale. A post on Facebook last Friday confirmed the for sale sign. Splash Station was open from 2002 – 2018. Full post below.

The Joliet Park District Board of Commissioners has initiated efforts to sell the Splash Station property on Rt. 6 in Joliet. The property will be listed through Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group shortly, with hopes of completing a sale in 2024.

“When the demographics of Rt. 6 began to quickly change in a short time, Splash Station saw a drastic decline in attendance resulting in vast revenue loss for several years in a row. While we fully understand that there were residents who loved the water park and relied on it for summertime family fun, unfortunately that number was a very small percentage of the total residents in the area,” said Board President Sue Gulas.

President Gulas continued “As a park district it is our job to provide activities and settings for residents to “take time for fun”, concentrate on their health and wellness or just enjoy what the Joliet Park District has to offer to the community. Sometimes, there are things offered to the community that produce a break-even status and that’s ok if we’ve provided a well-received activity. Not everything has to generate huge revenue, but we could not sustain a significant yearly loss either. As a board, we collectively agreed to move on from the water park. With the sale of Splash Station we can look at options to better serve and reinvest into the community.”

The Board of Commissioners is considering a number of projects with the potential proceeds from the sale. The scope and location of these projects is dependent on the final sale price.
Thank you for supporting Splash Station from 2002 – 2018. We are proud of what we accomplished and look forward to the next chapter.