Signs of Fall In Bolingbrok Not A Good Thing

file photo/md

The first signs of fall can be seen on one maple tree in an otherwise “green” subdivision in Bolingbrook. The colors of the season are coming our way, but one tree in a subdivision is getting a head start. Nancy Kuhajda, Program Coordinator for Master Gardeners University of Illinois Extension says one tree in an otherwise green landscape does not mean an early fall, but speaks of another problem. Typcially the tree is under stress. In the case of trees in a parkway, usually the cause is compacted soil and draught.

Fall colors are determined by light/dark cycles and cool temperatures. Kuhajda says this year’s fall color show may be moderate if we get warmer weather in late September and October.

The first day of autumn is Friday, September 22. The Autumn Equinox  in 2017 in the Northern Hemisphere will be at 3:02 pm on September 22nd. If you have a gardening question you can call University of Illinois Extension at 815 727-9296. There are 140 volunteers that will help answer your gardening question. Or you can e-mail Nancy at




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