Some stats since the cold and snow started:

Average Temp for last 12 days:

Avg Hi: 14.25   Normal High = 36

Avg Low: 2.83   Normal Low = 20

Avg Daily Temp: 8.54   Normal Avg = 28

Daytime temps have averaged 20 deg BELOW normal in last 12 days.

Snowfall to date is 18.8”   Normal is 5.5”

Since start of season: 44”   Normal is 25.9”
+18” above normal

Snow Facts: February 5-16 Snow Event

The official snowfall for Chicago was 7.5″ observed at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Much of the city of Chicago due to lake effect snow and enhancement to the snow, did see 12-18″, including long-time NWS Cooperative Observer 3 miles southwest of Chicago Midway International Airport with 17.7“.

The official snowfall for Rockford was 3.0″ observed at Chicago Rockford International Airport.

Other snowfall amounts include 7.8″ at the NWS Chicago in Romeoville.

With 0.8″ of snow recorded at O’Hare on February 16, Chicago has now seen 9 consecutive days with measurable snowfall. This ties the previous record for consecutive days of measurable snow set in February 2018.

The 34.1″ of snow that fell in Chicago from January 26th through February 15 marks the snowiest three-week stretch since the winter of 1978-1979.

3 week snowfall at Midway is 41.3”

A snow depth of 21″ was recorded at O’Hare on February 16, which is the highest snow depth recorded for the city of Chicago since February 8, 2011 when the snow depth was also 21″.

The last time Chicago’s snow depth was higher than 21″ was in January and February of 1979, when on January 14, it peaked at 29″, which is the record highest snow depth for the city of Chicago.

Snowfall for past Februarys: