Special Screening for Dick Biondi Film in Bolingbrook Set For September 7, 2023

Fans of legendary Rock and Roll Disc Jockey Dick Biondi have the opportunity to attend a showing of the documentary, ™THE VOICE THAT ROCKED AMERICA: THE DICK BIONDI STORY. The event will be held at the Bolingbrook Golf Club on Thursday, September 7, at 6pm.

Dick Biondi’s amazing radio career spans over 6 decades, including the birth of American Rock & Roll and the evolution of Pop music. Known as The Screamer, the Big Noise from Buffalo, and The Wild I-Tralian, Dick Biondi holds the distinction of being the first disc jockey to play The Beatles on American radio. He introduced The Beatles and the Rolling Stones in concert, and helped many new artists along the road to stardom. Known by some as the world’s greatest disc jockey, Dick’s story is an essential part of rock ‘n roll broadcast history.

As part of a fundraising effort to get the film to the public, fans have been attending events such as this to view this tribute to Dick Biondi, the great American rock and roll disk jockey who changed radio. Every DJ who followed him took a page out of his playbook.

The renowned DJ, who was the first to play The Beatles in the US, helped introduce the country to other artists/groups like The Rolling Stones, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Frankie Valli to name a few. Although, his biggest gift to humanity was helping teenagers feel like they mattered and, for the first time, special, instead of insecure and unimportant.

Documentary filmmaker, Pam Pulice, has dedicated the past 9 years to bring this great film to life. Funds are needed to cover the final licensing necessary to share Biondi’s story with the world. For tickets click here.