Spirits Lifted at AMITA St. Joseph Medical Center; Sends Thank You To Community & WJOL
WJOL received a heartfelt thank-you from Dr. John Walsh from AMITA Saint Joseph Medical Center in Joliet. He wanted to thank the community and WJOL for getting the message about their dire situation.  Up until Tuesday of this week, St. Joe’s was getting all of the COVID-19 inmates from Stateville. There were overwhelmed, treating 18 inmates (not all with COVID-19). Click here to read original story – Dr. Walsh described the hospital as a “war zone. Dr. Walsh sends his thanks as does the staff at St. Joe’s.
Dr. Walsh writes, “Hospital staff stretched to near max but their spirits up due to community support and acknowledgment such as yours. We opened a second ICU for COVID patients last night as volume continues to climb. Thank you so much for recognizing the severity of the situation. The hospital staff has received a great deal of support in a variety of ways from the community. This is really helpful to carry them through the next 2 weeks as we move to the predicted peak,  2 weeks from now. I can’t thank you enough for helping us so much.
AMITA Saint Joseph Medical Center/md