State Lawmakers Approve Primary Election Date, Modernize FOID Cards And Are One Step Closer To Requiring Recess

On the final day of the spring session, state lawmakers approved a bill to postpone the 2022 primary election to June 28th. The bill also would also allow voters to apply for permanent vote by mail status. In addition, it expands voting rights for suspects held in jails before trial.


A bill that seeks to modernize the Firearm Owners’ Identification card, also known as FOID, is now before the Governor. Over the weekend, lawmakers passed a bill that will enhance existing background checks. The bill would also allow those who own firearms legally and responsibly to apply for a FOID card as long as they voluntarily submit their fingerprints.

Illinois is one step closer to requiring schools to hold recess for certain grades. Illinois lawmakers passed a bill that requires recess for thirty minutes a day for kindergarten through fifth grade students. The bill would also prohibit schools from withholding recess as a form of punishment.