Stateville Inmates Transfered Due to Water Issue in the Quarterhouse

The Illinois Department of Corrections has announced that they will be relocating prisoners from multiple units due to water issues at the Stateville Quarterhouse that dates back to April.

While some inmates are being transferred to different facilities in the Department of Corrections system, most prisoners are simply being relocated to NRC which is on the Stateville grounds.

Approximately 200 inmates were bused to Sheridan which is located in LaSalle County and the Illinois River Correctional Center. Inmates were seen taking their belongings which some believe may signal the end of the Quarterhouse.

Stateville has seen other units on its grounds close, and given the current condition of the Stateville Quarterhouse, it’s unknown how much longer the facility will remain open.

In a statement from the department went on to say, “the wellness of the individuals in custody in IDOC facilities is a top priority of the Department. IDOC is working diligently to repair hot water supply functions in the Quarter House at Stateville Correctional Center.”