Student Thankful To Nurse Who Used Heimlich Maneuver

Salk Elementary school nurse Lisa Pickering and 5th grade student Jason Skeate

A Bolingbrook elementary school student has a lot to be thankful for this week. A nurse saved his life after he was choking on part of a muffin last Friday afternoon. Jonas E. Salk Elementary school nurse, Lisa Pickering heard over the radio system at school that a student was choking. Mrs. Pickering sprang into action and raced to the classroom. She explained to the student that she was going to wrap her arms around his rib cage and press her fist up towards his rib cage and assured he would breathe again.

But Pickering wasn’t supposed to be there. She had been trying to leave for lunch many time but something always prevented her from leaving the school. It was divine intervention, as 5th grade student Jason Skeate says he was afraid he was going to die until he saw Mrs. Pickering.

Used with Permission from Valley View School District’s Salk Elementary School in Bolingbrook

It took three thrusts of the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the blockage. But as soon as his airway was clear, Jason began breathing and the color returned to his face.

While Mrs. Pickering is certainly a hero, credit also has to go to the classroom teachers who knew exactly what to do in an emergency situation and to Jason’s classmates who quickly exited the classroom when directed to, and then quietly and patiently waited in the hallway.

During a week in which we give thanks for all the blessings in our lives, young Jason Skeate is especially grateful that Mrs. Lisa Pickering is part of the staff at Jonas Salk Elementary School.

Listen here to Nurse Pickering as she recounts the events to 1340 WJOL:



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