Super Blue Moon Captured In Bolingbrook & Plainfield

There were two full moons in August. The first full moon of the month is on August 1st and the second full moon is on August 30th. Modern thinking calls the moon on the 30th a Blue Moon because it is the second full moon in the month. There is normally one full moon per month. Because the time between full moons is 29.5 days, Blue Moons happen every two to three years. Originally, the fourth full moon in a seasonal quarter was considered a Blue Moon. Now, the second full moon in a month is considered a Blue Moon. The full moon on the 30th is also called a Super Moon because of the moon’s close proximity to Earth. The average Earth/moon distance is 254,152 miles. On August 30th the moon will be 238,900 miles.

Contributing: Art Maurer