Survey Ranks Joliet as One of the Safest Cities in the United States

In a recent analysis, MoneyGeek ranked 263 cities with populations over 100,000 from most to least safe. The City of Joliet ranked #8 as one of safest cities in the United States. The analysis paired reported crime statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation with academic research on the societal costs of different types of crimes to estimate the cost of crime for each city.

To rank the safest cities in the United States, MoneyGeek started with standardized crime statistics reported to the FBI from 2021, the latest year of available data. The population of each city was added to the analysis to determine crime rates per 100,000 people, and this information was also accessed via data provided by the FBI.

MoneyGeek relied on research by professors Kathryn McCollister and Michael French of the University of Miami and Hai Fang of the University of Colorado, Denver to determine the cost of crime to society. MoneyGeek then integrated their findings into the broader dataset to better understand the societal cost of crime within individual cities. Lastly, data provided via Wikipedia was utilized on the number and nature of mass shootings in the United Sates in 2021.

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