On November 6, 2020 at approximately 12:07pm Joliet Police Officers responded to the Joliet Police Department front desk about a report of a possible kidnapping of a juvenile.

Police determined that at approximately 10:30AM that morning, a 14-year-old male told officers that he left his house in the 1000 block of Richards Street he was forced into the back seat of a vehicle by three males, one of them wearing a ski mask. The vehicle traveled approximately one mile when the victim was able to flee from the vehicle after striking one of the suspects with a stick. The juvenile was then brought to police by family a short time later to report the incident. According to a police statement the teen appeared to be uninjured.

Later in the day, Detectives contacted the parents of the juvenile, who agreed to bring their son to Department headquarters to provide more details about the alleged kidnapping. The juvenile was interviewed at which time he admitted to Detectives that he made up the story about being kidnapped and that he was never a victim of a crime. The juvenile informed his parents as well about making up the story. Joliet Police Detectives have closed their investigation of this incident.