An employee from the Will County Clerk’s Office answered an incoming call and spoke to Leonard P. Feiner, age 69, of Mokena, who stated that he was upset about his polling place being relocated.  The employee attempted to calm him down for almost 15 minutes but he became more and more agitated and made a threatening statement.

The employee then transferred Feiner to her supervisor who also attempted to calm him down and explain that his new polling location would not be changed back to the original.  Feiner continued to yell and use profanity and then made a threatening statement in reference to ending the employee’s life.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to the County Clerk’s Office in Joliet and spoke to the employee and supervisor about the incident.  Detectives then traveled to Feiners’ residence, where they briefly spoke to him and brought him in for questioning.  During the interview Feiner made statements that he felt the polling place could easily be changed back simply by changing the address on a computer and that he thought those that he spoke to on the phone were lying to him, which made him angry.

Because of statements made during the interview and threats made to county employees, Leonard P. Feiner was arrested for disorderly conduct.