JTHS Informs Parents Of Police Presence

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Friday morning’s false alarm at Joliet Central High School prompted the school to leave a message regarding the events. Here is the unedited transcript of the message sent to parents.

This is Joliet Township High School calling with important information.  After school yesterday an individual provided information to Joliet Central High School that they saw a student with a handgun.   JTHS immediately contacted the Joliet Police Department who worked with the school to identify the potential offender and to determine whether the witness report was credible. The Joliet Police Department had an increased presence at the school this morning and the potential offender was located.  No weapon was found.  The matter has been turned over to the Joliet Police Department.      

We are sending this message so that parents are aware of this information.  At JTHS, safety is always our first priority.  This is a great reminder that our visitors, staff and students continue to serve as our best security when they report incidents that could potentially place our school at risk.   With any situation that may jeopardize safety, students and parents should call the School Violence Tip Line at 1-800-477-0024 or report information to a staff member. Thank you.


Initial story from WJOL Friday, October 27,  2017

A few tense moments for students, teachers and parents at Joliet Central High School this morning. A heavy police presence was at the school. Joliet Police Chief Brian Benton tells WJOL that through “an abundance of caution – based on possible information relayed second-hand, that a student may be bringing a gun to school.” The information was unfounded. There was no gun, no arrest and no reason to be alarmed according to Chief Benton. He says “often we have to respond this way based on what some kid may have overheard, or what one kid told another, but fortunately 99-percent of the time it’s nothing.” As it was the case this morning.



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