The First And Only Urgent Care Center To Offer The New Abbott Lab Rapid Test For COVID-19

Physicians Immediate Care is the first and only urgent care and occupational medicine provider in Illinois with the new Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 test. It provides positive test results in 5 to 15 minutes so a person can see their results immediately. Testing available at all Illinois locations click here to find one close to you.

All patients must have a physical examination using their Curbside Care program at one of their urgent care clinics prior to being eligible for COVID-19 testing. This is an in-person physical examination to review the patient’s health history and a thorough understanding of the patient’s symptoms and possible exposure. After the exam, the patient will be given the test onsite and they will receive their results in 5-15 minutes.

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms can made an appointment as well as all healthcare workers, first responders, or exposed patients deemed at risk by our providers (with or without symptoms) can have a COVID-19 rapid test.