Timeline of Mass Joliet Shooting

Here is a timeline of a mass shooting in Joliet January 21st.

  • On Sunday, January 21st at approximately 4:27 p.m., deputies with the Will County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Pheasant Run Apartments located off of Pheasant Run Road in Unincorporated Joliet Township regarding a shooting.
    Deceased is 28 year old Toyosi Bakare of Nigeria. Living in the U.S. for three years. It’s believed he was going out for cigarettes.
  • Ten minutes prior to the Pheasant Run shooting, a man was shot on Davis Street in Joliet. The man survives and is recovering from non-life threatening injuries. The 42-year-old victim had just returned from doing groceries and was unloading a case of what from his vehicle. He exchanged words with Nance but doesn’t speak English. He was shot and relayed to his daughter that he’d been shot and she alerted authorities.  Both above shootings are believed to be random with no known connection between them and Nance.
  • Authorities identified a suspect vehicle, red Toyota Camry at about 8p.m. Sunday. The car was registered to an address on West Acres.
  • Will County Sheriff’s sets up a stake out for last known residence of Romeo Nance along the 22-hundred West Acres in Joliet. From midnight Monday morning to noon on Monday with no sign of Nance. Sheriff’s attempted to make contact with the registered owners of the Camry. Officers go to the home, see blood and bullet holes on the door and enter the home to find 2 bodies shot dead. Officers call Joliet Police and they enter another home across the street and find 5 more bodies shot dead.  It’s believed the people killed in these homes were related to Nance
  • It’s believe Nance shot and killed the people in two homes on Sunday between 11am and noon. Four crimes scenes, 8 killed and one recovering from a leg shot wound.

At 8 p.m. Monday, January 22nd, there is a stand off at Chubby’s gas station in Natalia, Texas between Romeo Nance and U.S. Marshals where Nance shot and killed himself.