Today Marks Fours Years Since Henry Pratt Mass Shooting In Aurora: Survivor Story

It was fours ago today that Henry Pratt Manufacturing in Aurora was the scene of a mass shooting. Six people were killed including the gunman who was shot by police. Five Aurora police officers were injured.

Today at 11 a.m. family members and Aurora officials will honor the victims: Russ Beyer, Vincente Juarez, Clayton Parks, Josh Pinkard, and Trevor Wehner.

A Henry Pratt Manufacturing employee spoke exclusively to the Scott Slocum show on WJOL. He was supposed to be in a meeting with the shooter Gary Martin on the second floor to terminate his employment but was called to deal with a minor injury on the main floor of the plant. The employee stayed on the phone with 911 while texting his wife, not knowing whether he was going to live or die.

To listen to the interview from 2019 click here.