Toddler In Joliet Attacked By Pit Bull Dog

A tragic end for a family visiting a Joliet family over the fourth of July weekend. Emergency crews responded to the 1800 block of Cumberland Drive in the early hours of July 5th, after a toddler was bitten by a dog. The 17-month old girl was taken to St. Joseph Medical Center and passed away a few hours later.

Two pit bull mix dogs were locked in the basement during the party. During the course of the night, the parents put the toddler in a playpen in an upstairs bedroom of the friend’s house. At sometime during the night, the dogs got out of the
basement. The homeowner went upstairs to investigate a noise and located one of the dogs actively biting the toddler. The homeowner was able to separate the dog from the toddler and called 911 where Joliet Police and Fire responded. The dog was turned over to the Joliet Township Animal Control.

This case is still currently being investigated. The family says the dog was acting strangely during the day.