Traffic Stop in Joliet Leads to Arrest

A 32-year-old Joliet man was arrested on Wednesday after an early morning traffic stop. It was at 2:50am that officers attempted to conduct a traffic on a vehicle near Buell Avenue and Nichoslon Street for a traffic violation. Prior to the vehicle stopping, Officers observed a black bag being thrown from the vehicle near the intersection of Western Avenue and Nicholson Street. Officers identified the driver as Richard Aguilar.

Officers in the area located the bag that Aguilar had thrown from the vehicle prior to the traffic stop and noted that the bag contained a large amount of cannabis. While speaking to Aguilar, Officers detected an odor of cannabis coming from the interior of the vehicle. Aguilar was ordered to exit the vehicle, to which he initially refused. Aguilar was then placed into custody without incident. Upon search of Aguilar’s vehicle, Officers recovered a loaded 9mm handgun on the floorboard of the vehicle.

Richard Aguilar was booked for Armed Violence, Unlawful Use of a Weapon by Felon, Manufacture/Delivery of Cannabis, Obstructing Justice, Obstructing a Peace Officer, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.