Troy 30-C Schools Accelerate Back to School Program

The Troy Community School District 30-C school board this week consented to allow an acceleration of the district’s reopening plan. During a special school board meeting Wednesday, members spoke about what they were hearing from Troy staff, parents and community regarding the district’s return to in-person education plan. They said after considering the opinions and the metrics of the course of the spread of Covid-19, a change in student return dates was in order.

The new return to school plan, according to Superintendent Dr. Todd Koehl, still constitutes a staggered three-staged plan, with a hybrid A/B model. Parents have chosen whether to allow their students to continue to participate in the remote, or at-home, Troy education program, or to begin the transition to the in-school program. In the new accelerated plan, there are no changes for the start dates for most Special Education, bilingual and morning preschool students, who will still be able to return to schools October 5, for five days a week, four hours each day.

Students in kindergarten and Grade 1 and those in Grades 5 and 7, will be able to return to classrooms October 19 in the hybrid (half days in-classroom, half days remote) A/B plan. The previous date was October 26. Students in the remaining grades may return November 2, also in the hybrid A/B plan. The previous date was November 16. Beginning January 11, moved up from January 25, all students would return to school five days a week, four hours a day, in the hybrid model. Wednesdays will be remote learning, four hours a day. Live videoconferencing will ensure students learning remotely will be able to be seen and heard by the teacher and their in-school classmates. Troy school board president Mark Griglione summarized the board’s wishes, saying he wanted to get students back into the classroom as soon and as safely as possible.