Troy Shorewood Elementary School celebrates 70th day of 70th year  School is looking for items to create a mini-museum

Troy Shorewood Elementary School recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of the school on the 70th day of this school year.

 The school was the first of the Troy Community Consolidated School District 30-C schools and educated students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Today, the school educates students kindergarten through fourth grade, as do the newer four of Troy’s elementary schools. Older grades are now taught at William B. Orenic Intermediate School and Troy Middle School.

Principal Sherri Blanchette said for the anniversary, students learned about the history of the school, and the day was celebrated with music games from the era. Tag was as big back then as it is today, she said, and students also learned about the board and card games students played then. Students and staff also dressed up in ‘50s regalia, had a door decorating contest, and made a list of “70 reasons we love Shorewood.”

“We needed this celebration of learning,” Blanchette said. “Just think how many generations of families have attended this school.”

Vicki Petrovic was a sixth grade student at the school and now teaches third grade there.

“I absolutely love Troy,” she said. “Then and now, there is a sense of community and family. Teachers really care about their students. There are so many good memories that are etched in my brain.”

Troy Shorewood second grade teacher Kristi Kennedy attended the school herself in third through fifth grades. Her grandmother Vera Close began the family’s Troy Shorewood history by driving a bus for the school; her father Jim Close and his siblings attended the school when it was a junior high; her sixth grade daughter Ella went there; and her third grader Emelia goes there now.

“I feel like it was family,” Kennedy said. “As an adult and teacher now, I still feel it’s a family. Everyone is kind and inviting and warm. The teachers there were the reason I wanted to become a teacher.”

Principal Blanchette said the school is going to create a mini-museum and is looking for donations of items from then and now. Information about donations can be obtained by calling Troy Shorewood Elementary School at (815) 577-7312.