Two More Bats Test Positive for Rabies in Will County

The Will County Health Department has reported two more bats that have tested positive for rabies, bringing the total number of positive tests for this year to five. One was located in St. Peter’s Church, 12 Sauk Trail, in Frankfort. The pastor was notified of a bat hanging from the ceiling in the sanctuary on Sunday, August 30th. The bat was retrieved by Will County Animal Control and no one was exposed to the bat.

The second additional bat was located in the 0-10 block of Wildwood Drive in New Lenox. The homeowners believe the bat entered the house while they were letting the dogs out in the morning. The homeowners closed the door after the bat flew into the master bathroom and contacted Will County Animal Control. Two dogs were in the home at the time, with the homeowners stating that they were current on rabies vaccinations. An eight month old baby was asleep in her room with the door closed.

The Health Department reminds you that although it has been a slow year for rabid bats far, extreme caution must still be practiced. As recently as 2018, there were 19 confirmed rabid bats in Will County, with that high number credited in part to more awareness and vigilance on the part of Will County residents. WCHD asks that this awareness continue for benefit of all Will County residents.